Motor2Travel takes you on aan absolutely unique, hassle free motorbike tour.

What we offer

Motor2Travel takes you on aan absolutely unique, hassle free motorbiketour. You’ll ride off the beaten tourist paths, experience up close and personal contact with local folks, and come home with great international & adventurous stories to tell. Immerse yourself in motorcycle adventures of the heartland in a most authentic and unforgettable way!

Bike rider

In order to be flexible, we travel in a small group. The number of participants varies per trip, but is usually between six and twelve people like you, looking for a memorable adventure.

Passenger - Pillion

You will travel on a motorbike and in case you decide to travel with a person sitting behind you, you must book for the passenger at the same time and let us know this is a pillion rider. The number of not-riding accompanying passengers is limited on our trips, since under tougher circumstances, these must sit in the support vehicle, and there’s only space for one or two people.  

Tour guide

Our multilingual tour guides ensure the high quality of your experience with us. They are there to assist you with suggestions and practical tips. Motor2Travel tour guides are people (m/f) who are not afraid of adventurous travel and have a lot of experience with this type of travel in the specific country of your choice. They are familiar with foreign countries and local customs. But above all, they are there to guide you safely through the (back)country. On some trips (SriLanka and Vietnam Highlights & South Africa) we use a local English speaking tour guide. We work with an international group and most tour guides speak English, Dutch, German as well as French, some speak also Spanish,Vietnamese and Singhalese.

Support vehicle

The driver of the support car is mostly a local who works for the motorcycle rentalcompany. This vehicle carries your luggage and travel equipment and always drives last in line, so it will not overtake the group. It also functions as a safety net in case of issues.

The mechanic

The mechanic is usually a local who works for the motorbike rental company or it is a trusted contractor of Motor2Travel. He usually travels with the accompanying vehicle and has the necessary tools and spare parts. In case of any problems,he’ll help us out, and perform maintenance on the motorbikes upon your arrival at the hotel if need be.

Further useful information

We do our utmost to make everything appear as clear as possible. Do you have a question after reading the following information please don’t hesitate to send us an email.

On the road

We travel as a group, but that doesn’t mean we have to stick close together at all times. One person rides faster than the other, or takes more photos on the road than others. On easier stretches there will be more freedom than on stretches where one could lose track of the group easily. On challenging stretches, the tour guide will lead the way and ride up front. We always kindly request everyone to be flexible, so that everyone can ride at their own pace. As a result, the faster riders will have to wait more often for the rest of the group. The tour guide will give a daily briefing and discuss and explain the program for each day every day before the daily departure. You are not allowed to choose individually a different route.

The program

The route and the hotels are planned and booked in advance. We try to make every fourth day a rest day. On those days there are always possibilities to discover new things such as local farmer’s markets, hiking or a boat trip. In case of road closures, the tour guide will propose to try out a new road. Our trips are set to a specific route, but may change due to unforeseen circumstances. But we will make every effort to keep as close to the plan as possible.  

Time off

Motor2Travel values your independence and freedom. After reaching the day’s destination, you are free to choose what you want to do. This is why usually, your meal costs are out of pocket. For instance, you may get invited for dinner with the locals, or you may want to play pool with the locals, or do your own thing for the night, it is up to you. The tour guide can make recommendations for restaurants. Of course you can have dinner with the group as well.

Day trips

Motor2Travel is making every effort to make your motorbike vacation adventurous and diverse.This is why we offer some day trips, like canoeing, rafting, horseback-riding, paragliding or a city tour. The offer varies between countries and pricing is not included in your trip. You may decide on the spot if you are interested to participate or not.  


During the trip, the choice of hotels off the beaten tourist paths are sometimes limited. We look for authentic, local hotels, so do not expect four star hotels, since it is the atmosphere and ambience of the local communities we would like you to experience. This way, we also ensure to support local entrepreneurs. Depending on how far away we are from local infrastructure, our choice of hotels is sometimes limited. This doesn’t mean you'll stay in poor quality accommodations. When possible, we book rooms with private bathrooms, but these aren’t available in all our destinations. In some places like the Himalayatour, we may sometimes sleep in tents, but only when there are no hotels around. You will find detailed information in the description of your particular destination. At times we will stay in local homes (Homestay), for instance in Vietnam or in a treehouse. The accommodation is on a twin share basis and, if you are travelling on your own, you will be sharing a room with a traveler of the same sex. If you prefer a single room, for an upcharge we can accommodate you.


We rent bikes with local agencies. The brand and type of motorbike differ, but the bikes will be light and adjusted for local terrains and roads. Insurance is not always automatically part of the rental agreement, but it may be possible to get insurance on the spot. If your height is less than 5‘4“ / 1.65 m, please let us know when you book. We will do our best to rent a lower model bike for you.


Your luggage will travel with the group on our support vehicle, and we kindly request you to limit size and weight. A good rule of thumb may be a with a weight of around 26lbs (12 kilo’s) excluding your riding gear. We strongly recommend bringing a backpack or duffel bag, as hard suitcases can be cumbersome and difficult to store in the back-up car.  Keep in mind that you will normally have to carry your own luggage on and off the vehicle and up and down hotel staircases. Remember to bring a smaller backpack to carry on your motorbike for water, sunscreen,camera etc.


At the start of the tour you will have time to get used to your bike so you are comfortable riding it before we take off. In many countries, traffic rules are different and not adhered to as much as we do. Often, the largest vehicle has the right of way over smaller vehicles. The biggest safety issue however, is unexpected people, animals or vehicles crossing the road. Dogs and chickens may cause issues, and locals do not always have traffic education, as we may experience. Safety always comes first with us, and this is also why try to avoid riding on busier roads.

Unforeseen circumstances

We found the lesser traveled roads for you, based on scenic views, experience and beautiful landscapes. It does however happen, that we are forced to make changes, since routes sometimes change due to road construction or other obstructions like landslides or severe weather. This could mean a detour of a few hours, but it could also result in a longer detour that changes our route on the spot. In this case you need to be flexible. Either way, we will make sure that your experience is a unique one!

Your participation

There is no need to be a motorbike expert or offroading specialist to ride with us. In order to participate in our trips, aside from gear and travel documents, we ask you to bring an adventurous mind, a teamspirit, and above all flexibility.