We organize motorcycle trips off the beaten path and bring you face to face with the world’s most fascinating cultures, customs and scenery.

"Motor2Travel offers cultural and adventurous motorbike tours off the beaten track. Our trips worldwide are the ideal blend of riding a motorcycle and getting to know a country and its culture."

We offer guided motorcycle tours to explore the highlights and the back roads. An experienced tour guide as well as a mechanic and support-car will travel with the group. The daily stages are not too long, so we have enough time to enjoy the motorcycle ride through beautiful surroundings, as well as take opportunities to immerse ourselves in foreign cultures and learn from them.

Our tours aren't designed for dual-sport or motocross fanatics. We aim to offer trips for people that love to ride with variety in our programming by altering between paved roads and smaller tracks in the heartland.  In addition to our guided tours we also organize self-guided motorcycle tours,  bike-rentals and tailor made guided or self-ride tours.

Motor2Travel stands for;
  1. Unique motorcycle tours around the world
  2. Away from the beaten paths
  3. Lots of freedom and small groups
  4. Suitable local rental motorbikes
  5. Authentic encounters and accommodations
  6. Tour guide, mechanic and luggage transport
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"Motor2Travel organizes motorbike trips in Asia, Africa and Latin Amerika, because that's where our hearts,  passions and knowledge are. You will be guided through amazing surroundings and get to know authentic culture.."

The routes sometimes take us over asphalt, sometimes on sandy, rocky or muddy smaller tracks, on the roof of the world, through endless curves, desert or jungle, but one thing is for sure: You will be guided through amazing surroundings. Motor2Travel is based in Germany, has Dutch roots and an international team with all the same passions, travelling, riding a motorcycle and sharing experiences.


All our tours are guided by experienced tour leaders. On the trip of your choice, you will meet one of our tour guides below:  

He has always had a love for two wheels. It all started with a bicycle, first with dirt jumping, then progressing to downhill and enduro. His passion for mechanics led him to begin an apprenticeship as a toolmaker at the age of 15. At 18, he bought his first motorbike and was immediately hooked. He started on the tarmac but quickly transitioned to off-road riding with a sport enduro. Around the same time, he began traveling as a backpacker, exploring new countries. His curiosity about the world continued to grow, leading him to start working infield service for a mechanical engineering company in 2011. This job allowed him to live and work in countries such as China, Mexico, Russia, and across Europe. He embarked on several motorbike trips throughout Europe, each adventure longer and more thrilling than the last. In 2018, he rode his Africa Twin over 55,000 kilometers from Alaska to Patagonia in 10 months, mostly with a passenger and on unpaved roads. Today, you can often find him on the Trans Euro Trail with a lightweight single-cylinder bike. He particularly enjoys navigating off-road trails and spending nights in a tent or hammock. As he says, "The smaller the luggage, the greater theadventure."


Coming from the English Lake District UK, Jack’s comfort zone has always been the outdoors. He thoroughly enjoyed his time studying outdoor education as an adult, especially the practical side of guiding and first aid.  After travelling and living on 2 wheels in several countries, Jack made Colombia his home in 2012 and spent the following years building and sailing in his tourism and hospitality businesses. He’s now solely committed to motorcycle adventures in Colombia with a broad knowledge of the country and its culture. Jack is multifunctional and will sometimes travel along as a mechanic or as an English-speaking tour guide.


Out of interest in Native American people, Lars made long journeys through the western United States and Central America. He roamed another year in parts of South America and ended up in Peru. Here he lost his heart, learned Spanish and married a Peruvian beauty. He then accompanied many trips for several Dutch Travel Agencies from his new home.

Due to his extensive knowledge of the country, the language and the routes, he is the ideal companion for our motorcycle trips through Peru. Lars bought his own motorbikes that are used for our trips. With his no-nonsense mentality he likes to share his knowledge about South America. He guides, among other things, the trips in Peru and Patagonia.


The word "Wickrama"means  "adventure" in English and with that, everything has been said. Growing up in Sri Lanka shaped the way Dylan travels today: he finds the most beautiful experiences where the challenge is along the way. Even today, with creativity, talent for improvisation, optimism and without a guide, he discovers the hospitality of the world. Before his big trip on a motorbike around the world, his life was shaped by being on the road: after a childhood in Sri Lanka, he studied in England as a young adult and from there, he found his way to Switzerland.

In 2010 he decided to sell his car-garage, which he had built from the ground up in tranquil Glarus, Switzerland in six years time. He decided to invest everything he had into the adventure of a lifetime. Less than three months later, Bruce, his motorcycle, was loaded up and his lone journey started. The only plan: to ride around the world. "I never thought that my trip would inspire so many people, it was overwhelming to see the reactions when I shared my adventures and experiences." In 2014 Dylan returned to Switzerland, and after two more or less sedentary years, the adventure continues: For the second time in his life Dylan has broken down his tents and from April 2016 Dylan and Martina now live, work and travel in their Volkswagen Van "Foxy". From 2018 on, Dylan guides our 3-week motorcycle tour in Sri Lanka.


After graduating in Roman Culture and Literature Studies and 10 years as a permanent head of photography in a large German publishing house, Brita decided to live as a freelancer. Her two biggest passions are motorcycling and exploring foreign countries. She now works as a journalist for various magazines and publishes reports from the countries she travels to. Brita has been to Asia and Africa several times, but her favorite continent is Central and South America. She was particularly impressed by Colombia, where she lived and worked for a while in the early 90s. Since then, Brita has been returning to the northernmost country in South America and exploring different areas whenever possible, preferably, of course, by motorcycle.

For Motor2Travel she scouted a Caribbean tour and Andean tour,which she will also lead as our tour guide. It is important to Brita not only to show travelers the scenic beauty, but also to introduce the peculiarities of the culture of the locals.


From the age of two, Josua embarked on his first adventures on a Moto Guzzi sidecar during a motorcycle trip to France. At eight, he ventured out alone on a bike for the first time. By ten, he dabbled in motocross, soon discovering his passion for motorcycle trials. Since then, the fascination with motorcycles has never waned. In 2013, at 23 years old, he set off on an unforgettable journey along the West Coast of Africa with his 24-year-old Yamaha XT600 Enduro. Nearly 8 months, 35,000 kilometers, and 21 countries later, he returned. In 2016, an epic tour through South America followed: 55,000 kilometers, 13 months, and 11 countries – from the tropical forests of the Amazon to the icy expanses of Patagonia, from the flat plains of the Pampas to volcanoes at 6000 meters high. Recently, he completed his third 24-month world trip across Africa and Asia during what were perhaps the most exhilarating times in a long while. Beyond these thrilling adventures, Josua, now in his early 30s, is a "simple" motorcyclist who cherishes the freedom on two wheels. As a paramedic at the DRK, he volunteers, with his motivation always stemming from his love for humanity rather than money. Josua also works as an Enduro course trainer. He values the simplicity of travel and is consistently driven by his connection to diverse cultures, exotic landscapes, and his adoration for freedom, pushing him to explore the boundaries of the planet. As a hobbyist author, journalist, and photographer, he has published three travel books and contributes to esteemed German magazines such as "Tourenfahrer," "Motorrad Abenteuer," and "Motorrad." Moreover, he shares his experiences as a speaker. For more information, follow Josua on social media using the tag "WetzlosWeltWärts" or visit www.WetzlosWeltWärts.de.


What appeals to her: Making new discoveries, enjoying nature, good food and showing enthusiastic participants the most beautiful places in the world! In addition to her job as a mediadesigner, she has already spent five times travelling the Silk Road for months on various routes and you could say that she knows her way around. Susanne has been riding motorbikes with great enthusiasm for over 30 years, both touring enduros (Yamaha Ténéré, HondaXL 600V) and sport enduros (most recently Beta 400 rr). In the process, she explored many countries and terrains in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia, both on and off-road. At the beginning of her passion, she took part in various competitions with the sport enduro and created exciting road book tours that were great fun for her participants. Susanne volunteers as a first aid instructor and enriches the adventure travel world with books from her publishing house (stockundsteinverlag.de).


Lidwien Kuiphuis, the driving force behind Motor2Travel, embodies passion for travel and motorcycling. As the owner, she orchestrates journeys that transcend boundaries, curating unique experiences for enthusiasts worldwide. Her vision intertwines exploration with a profound sense of camaraderie, fostering a community that thrives on shared escapades and a love for the open road. Kuiphuis' dedication extends beyond business; it resonates in her commitment to fostering sustainable travel practices and supporting local communities. Her leadership is a testament to the transformative power of travel, steering Motor2Travel towards a horizon where adventure and responsibility harmoniously converge.