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Sri Lanka motorcycletour with Dylan Wickrama

In short about this travel
On this motorcycle journey through his homeland, Dylan takes you to places that are rarely touted as highlights. And that's precisely right because it gives us the opportunity to experience Sri Lanka in its most authentic form, unlike any other tour.

Dylan loves rediscovering his homeland with each group of travelers. He spontaneously selects his routes, tailored to the weather and the group, and incorporates small and larger highlights daily, unplanned. He seeks conversations with ricefarmers, tea pluckers, or teachers, and everyone we encounter along the way, leading to beautiful encounters and deep insights into the country and society every day. Off-road riding is also not neglected because whenever possible, Dylan leads the group on unpaved and small roads through his homeland - truly off the beaten track.


Everything you need to know about this tour. Do you have any further questions? Please contact us!

Zusammenfassung der Reise
Summary of the tour
  1. Arrival  →Colombo -  Negombo
  2. Negombo → Maho (130 km)
  3. Maho → Sigirya  (100km)
  4. Sigirya →  Anuradhapura (75 km)
  5. Anuradhapura → Trincomalee  (120 km)
  6. Trincomalee →  Stay
  7. Trincomalee →  Batticaloa (110 km)
  8. Batticaloa  → Ampara (95 km)
  9. Ampara → Stay
  10. Ampara → Buttala  (155 km)
  11. Buttala  → NuwaraEliya (110 km)
  12. Nuwara Eliya →  Stay
  13. Nuwara Eliya →  Knuckles Mountains (130 km)
  14. Knuckles Mountains → Stay
  15. Knuckles Mountains → Gampola (120 km)
  16. Gampola  → OluElla (90 km)
  17. Olu Ella  → Stay
  18. Olu Ella  → Negombo(110 km)
  19. Negombo  → Departure

This tour from day to day

After about half an hour's ride you will reach the coastal town of Negombo where you will meet the rest of the group. On the beach you can choose to relax, watch the fishermen catch their fresh fish and prepare them for trading. The fishing boats with their brown sails, called Oruwa, are Negombo's trademark.


We leave bustling Negombo and head north inland. The traffic soon becomes quieter and the roads wind through coconut plantations. In a small village, we visit a well-known family of Dylan and learn more about their lives. Hopefully we will have many of these encounters on the Reies, as Dylan enjoys sharing the stories of his fellow countrymen with you. We reach Maho in the evening and enjoy a cool dip in the pool.


We ride along a river landscape to the ancient Buddha statue of Aukana and have the opportunity to observe life on the river on the way. We drive on the smallest roads to discover the authentic Sri Lanka. In the afternoon we continue towards the dry zone of the country, along man-made reservoirs to Sigirya. In the late afternoon, those who have the energy and desire can climb the Pidurangala Rock, which offers a wonderful view of the famous Lion Rock, the jungle and the sunset.


Before we head north, we visit the impressive cave temple of Dambulla, which can be reached via a long staircase, in the cooler morning hours. We then ride north again on small roads to reach Anuradhapura later on. The city used to be the capital of Sri Lanka. The many temples and huge stupas (dagobas) bear witness to the long and mainly religious history of this place. The sacred Bodhi tree, the direct descendant of the tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment in India, is a hive of activity. In the evening, when the believers light incense candles and coconut oil lamps, the atmosphere is particularly beautiful and we take the time to visit the 103 metre stupa - the largest in the country - in Anuradapura and observe the people.


After breakfast, we head eastwards. Our destination for the day is the harbour town of Trincomalee, situated on a peninsula, and the sea! Vanakkam - this is how you are greeted in Tamil culture. We enjoy dinner by the sea and fall asleep to the sound of the waves and palm leaves.


Today marks our first day of rest, but it won't be dull by any means. In the morning, fishermen return from their tours, bustling activity ensues at the fish market and in the alleys of the small town. In the afternoon, you can enjoy bathing, relax on the beach, or opt for a leisurely motorcycle ride along the coast. At 5 p.m., when the vibrant Koneswaram Hindu Temple hosts its Puja (a Hindu prayer), we'll be there to immerse ourselves in the scent of incense and the sound of bells. Later, we'll relish the beautiful evening atmosphere over the city. This temple offers a stunning view along the coast with a postcard-like flair due to its unique location.

DAY 7 - TRINCOMALEE - BatticaloA

Today involves a fair amount of off-road riding. For those feeling confident, we'll venture from the coast through the jungle towards the inland. For those preferring the tarmac, there's an option to take a longer but easier detour with the supportvehicle. Before veering into the jungle, our route follows along the coast. We'll observe fishermen at work and enjoy a beach picnic for lunch. The sea features prominently today. After all, the lagoon city of Batticaloa – our destination for the day – is also situated by the sea.


Even Batticaloa is rather off the beaten track, and today we're venturing even further into the unknown. In Ampara, there are practically no tourists yet plenty to see. This region has captured Dylan's heart in recent years and is definitely worth showing you. Since tourism is still in its infancy here, the infrastructure isn't very extensive. We'll be staying at a simple guesthouse,but its location is spectacular. Situated right on the banks of Lake Malyiadi, those who wish can move their beds outside in the evening. Sleeping under a sheltered area (complete with mosquito net) is even more comfortable because once it's dark, all we'll hear are the sounds of the jungle. And on one of the evenings, perhaps even the strumming of a guitar. Because we'll be visited by Dylan's friend, Viraj Batthia. He's a well-known folk musician in Sri Lanka and will take us on a musical journey.


Today,we enjoy the morning by the lake. We can paddle out on the raft ourselves,watch the fishermen at work, and relax in the hammock. In the late afternoon,we go on a discovery tour of the region, hoping to find and observe elephants in the wilderness. Once again, we are supported by Dylan's friend Viraj, who loves his region and knows it inside out.

“The trip was off the usual tourist trails. We were able to get to know the country and its people and learn a lot about the country through often very personal stories from the islanders. Everything was great all around. Highlights included the always cheerful, friendly and hospitable people and the encounters along the way with many different people (rice farmers, rubber tappers, tea pickers, elephant keepers, survival unit, etc...) and last but not least the visits to Dylan's relatives, who always entertained us richly. The accommodation was very well chosen. We always felt at ease. Tour guides Martina and Dylan made this trip an unforgettable experience and, above all, helped make you feel really comfortable in the group. All in all PERFECT!!!! “

Moni & Herbert
Sri Lanka with Dylan Wickrama — January 2019

From the off-the-beaten-path Ampara, we continue our journey towards the south. En route to Buttala, we pass through the Gal Oya Valley National Park, culminating in Buttala at the northern end of Yala National Park. The entire route and our daily destination still lie within the elephant territory. Who knows who we might encounter today? Buttala, partly due to the renowned and heavily frequented Yala National Park, is a bit more touristy compared to Ampara.

DAY 11 - Buttala – Nuwara Eliya

We bid farewell to the jungle and its hot, humid climate: today, we head to the highlands. For those feeling adventurous, there's the option to tackle the challenging Devil's Staircase ascent. The name of this particularly rugged track says it all: today presents an opportunity to test your skills against the devil and some rather large boulders. Alternatively, for a smoother journey, participants can opt for the ride and accompany the support car on paved roads towards Nuwara Eliya. Thanks to the tourist hub of Ella, there's a chance to make a rare coffee stop in the tea country of Sri Lanka. Speaking of tea, that's the theme for the remainder of the day: vast tea plantations, and later, vegetable cultivation, define the landscape in the Nuwara Eliya region.


If British colonialism is still visible anywhere in Sri Lanka, it's in Nuwara Eliya. The architecture stands out in the cool region from the rest of the country. And the mist that can roll in does indeed remind one of English weather. Ideal conditions for the world-famous Ceylon tea. Today, we also visit a tea factory to learn about the process the leaves undergo from the bush to the tea bag.During the subsequent motorcycle tour through the tea plantations, we can observe how the tea pluckers go about their work and maybe even lend a hand ourselves. We realize: The work is quite tough!


Here in the mountains, Sri Lanka becomes the land of a thousand curves! We relish the winding roads and the still cooler temperatures as we drive through agriculturally rich terrain. It's up and then down again, culminating in the breathtaking 18-Bend Road, Sri Lanka's most impressive hairpin pass road,ascending to great heights. Just before we reach our beautifully situated chalet, our home for the next two days, there's one more challenging off-road stretch to drive and enjoy!


From the terrace, a completely different landscape unfolds before us, and it's so cool in Knuckles Mountains National Park that we actually need a long-sleeved sweater for breakfast once again. This day is free for hiking tours or a motorcycle trip further down the valley to Meemure, the oldest village in Sri Lanka. Along the way, we can observe how the climate zone changes. The dense pine forests in the valley turn into rice plantations, and it's warm enough again to bathe in the river. A beautiful day with wonderful views of mountain peaks and rugged valleys.


We kick off the day with a challenge: Shortly after leaving our accommodation, we traverse a former tea trail, now abandoned, descending towards warmer temperatures. The afternoon is spent in the region where Dylan has lived for many years, knowing every small road through the plantations and villages. In the evening, we experience the charm of Gampola. It strikes the perfect balance between market alleys, temples, and traffic, making it much less strenuous than the touristy Kandy, which we avoid altogether.


From Gampola, we embark on a leisurely journey towards Olu Ella, where a charming waterfall, a cinnamon factory, and above all, another peaceful and non-touristy area await us. The hotel is nestled in the mountains, providing the perfect ambiance to reminisce about the past weeks, the hospitality, and all the adventures we've shared together.


Dylan's mum and brother live here in the region. We enjoy rides through the region, chill out in the bungalow and visit Dylan's mum, where we can once again enjoy the hospitality and savour a home-cooked curry.


Today, we're heading straight back to Negombo, where we'll return our hopefully beloved rental-motorcycles and enjoy our final evening together on the beach. However, it's going to be challenging again: Nowhere else on the journey is the traffic as dense and stressful as in the region around Colombo/Negombo. So, we'll need to focus our full attention once more.


You will get a transfer to the airport. Individual return flight home.

Local circumstances could require adjustment of the route on site.
General Information.
Difficulty level:
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On this trip, we´ll ride Honda 230 / 250 cc or equal motorcycles. In case of damages to the motorcycle caused by you, the material cost for the repairs has to be carried by you. Seat height about 86-88 cm (34"-34.5"). In Sri Lanka we drive on the left side of the road.


During this tour we will not drive to noteworthy altitudes or through extremely deserted areas. We´ll ride light motorcycles on well-developed roads as well as back roads, at times with bad asphalt and some gravel and forest slopes. Off-road experience is therefore recommended. Offroad basic training is very useful as preparation. In doing so, you learn how best to handle the motorcycle off-road. The daily stretches are not long, which allow for the opportunity to take pictures of different villages and scenery. An inconvenience may be the traffic density in and around the cities. Many motorbikes, scooters, tuktuks and bicycles make their way through the streets every day. Careful with the trucks on the main road (which we avoid as much as possible) because the traffic rules seem to be up for discussion... We will ride about a third part on dirt roads, not every day.


A helmet is mandatory, as well as motorbike clothing with built-in protectors, decent gloves and boots or solid footwear. Especially in spring and autumn it can get very warm in the lower regions. Therefore, we recommend wearing breathable protective clothing. On the higher, colder parts of the mountains you can wear extra warm clothing under your motorcycle-clothing. Nevertheless, we have to take short rain showers into consideration each time. Lastly, temperatures in the mountain regions in winter (December& January) can drop to up to 5 C (40F), so take warm clothing with you as well.


For Sri Lanka you need your valid driver's license together with a valid international driver's license and a 'Sri Lankan driving permit' which we organize for you. A valid passport (with a minimum 6 months validity) is required.  Many citizens need a visa to enter Sri Lanka.The visa must be applied for in advance as an “Electronic Travel Authorization”(ETA) in the online procedure at https://www.srilankaevisa.lk/ , costs were 35, - USD but this tend to change and was also offered for free. You are responsible to find out VISA requirements specifically belonging to the passport you hold. You can verify up to date information from your local embassy, or consulate in your country of citizenship or find information online for example via https://visacentral.com/

Consult with your travel doctor for up to date medical travel information well before departure. It is your responsibility to make sure that you obtain your visa and have immunizations completed in time. 


We are very happy that this motorcycle tour in Sri Lanka is guided by WorldTraveller/adventurer/writer/filmmaker Dylan Wickrama ( Mc Gyver). After riding his motorcycle around the world for three years, Dylan 'arrived at the end of the road', the Darien Gap - an almost impenetrable area between the Panama and Colombian jungle. He built himself a raft powered by his BMW R 1150 GS and made his way across the Pacific Ocean towards Colombia. Together with Martina Zürcher, he wrote a very inspiring book and made a film 'When the road ends' about his trip. Dylan was born and raised in Sri Lanka and lives in Europe. A motorcycle vacation in Sri Lanka with Dylan guarantees adventure! More info on https://www.ride2xplore.com/

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Rider starting at: € 3690,-
Pillion: €3250,-

Single room up-charge: € 450,-

Pocket money to bring: € 550,-*

Minimum number of riding participants: 6
Maximum number of riding participants: 12
Maximum number of passengers: 2

Visa (Exclusive): $ 35,-

* Pocket money: This amount is an indication of how much cash you may need to take with you on this trip. It covers food, drink, souvenirs, optional excursions and fuel.
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"What a fantastic time we had in Sri Lanka. Martina & Dylan are truly wonderful people and great messengers for this fascinating country and they succeeded in turning this "guided tour" into an adventurous and dreamlike beautiful trip with friends and an unforgettable time, which allowed us all numerous impressions, especially away from tourism and it infected me with a new wish to renew and deepen my knowlegde... A heartfelt thank you".

Sri Lanka pilot tour with Dylan Wickrama — February 2018

Sri Lanka motorcycletour with Dylan Wickrama

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Sri Lanka motorcycletour with Dylan Wickrama
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