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USA & CANADA - THE BEST OF THE WEST - from Alaska to Los Angeles

In short about this travel
This extraordinary motorbike journey will complete your North American and Canada experience. We drive over 10,000kilometres across the continent in 32 days.

We start in Alaska. Here, nature is raw and the land is empty. Here you will find glaciers, snow-covered mountain rangesand the fantastic Denali Highway. Then we cross the border into Canada andvisit the beautiful town of Banff here, and we drive the Steward CassierHighway and the Top of the World Highway. However, the most impressive will bethe Icefield Parkway. Over small roads we drive into the northern part of theUnited States. We start in Montana, followed by Wyoming and Idaho. Here, ofcourse, we will visit Yellow Stone National Park and hit a few more gravelroads.

Of course, the weather will be quitedifferent for the last two weeks. Now we ride through the dry hot Death Valleyand Grand Canyon landscapes. Of course we also spend a day in Las Vegas beforewe end up on the sun-drenched coast of California via endless winding roads. Webring the rental motorbikes back to Los Angeles where the motorbike tour ends.


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Zusammenfassung der Reise
Summary of the tour
  1. Arrival         Anchorage
  2. Anchorage Cantwell         313
  3. Cantwell         Tok         564
  4. Tok         Dawson City 299
  5. Dawson City Whitehorse 533
  6. Whitehorse Carcross           72
  7. Carcross         Watson Lake 411
  8. Watson Lake Tatogga 355
  9. Tatogga Stewart 294
  10. Stewart Burns Lake 471
  11. Burns Lake McBride 437
  12. McBride Banff 451
  13. Banff Stay
  14. Banff Browning 452
  15. Browning Helena 454
  16. Helena Red Lodge 382
  17. Red Lodge Dubois 481
  18. Dubois Vernal 480
  19. Vernal Fruita 206
  20. Fruita Moab 262
  21. Moab Stay
  22. Moab Torrey  399
  23. Torrey  Bryce 165
  24. Bryce Kanab 130
  25. Kanab Las Vegas 325
  26. Las Vegas Stay
  27. Las Vegas Lone Pine 407
  28. Lone Pine Oakhorst         376
  29. Oakhorst        Tree Rivers 242
  30. Tree Rivers Bakersfield 293
  31. Bakersfield Los Angeles 350
  32. Los Angeles Departure
This tour from day to day

On the first day you will arrive in Anchorage Alaska - USA. The tour guide will inform the whole group about the upcoming tour. He will also take care of all the necessary formalities. The drive from Anchorage to Wasilla is easy. We try to ride the gravelled Hatchers Pass Road, a great start to our tour in Alaska. Lunch in the beautiful town of Talkeetna. In the afternoon we experience our first Alaskan feeling,the Parks Highway with a drive close to the highest peak in North America, Denali (formerly Mt. McKinley). From here we head east and do some great driving on the Denali and Top of the World Highway. After a night in the cowboy village of Dawson City, we drive most of the way south. A visit to Skagway is not to be missed. This week is also the best opportunity to see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).


Time to see spectacular wildlife, glaciers and winding roads. From Canada, into the USA and back to Canada. The border crossings are very easy and do not cost us much time. From Watson Lake we drive back towards the Pacific and visit Steward Glacier, grizzlies, and much more. All with great scenery. From here we drive inland, climbing up towards Prince George. Even though we are heading south, the temperatures here are colder early in the morning and at night. We cross the Rocky Mountains and drive to Banff National Park. From Jasper NP we take the "Icefields Parkway", a 250 km road that is widely regarded as one of the most impressive road trips in the world. Arriving in Lake Louise, after 2 weeks on the bike, it is time to relax, enjoy a rest day and/or do some sightseeing.


We enter the USA via small (gravel) roads and say goodbye to Canada. The first stop is a drive on the scenic 'Going to the Sun road'. The surrounding area is full of snow-capped mountains. From here we drive to a small village called Elk City and take a deserted road to the village of Salmon, the Magruder Corridor. We end this week near Teton National Park. Another highlight, as here is a great chance to see the American buffalo.


We arrive in dry and hot weather and visit the famous national parks such as: Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Death Valley, Yosemite and Sequoia. The drives in the last 2 weeks are absolutely gorgeous, with most of our driving through the parks. In between the 2 weeks, we treat ourselves to a well-deserved rest day in Las Vegas. (Or rest day, there is so much to do and see in Las Vegas that you might need another holiday). Just before we drop off the rental bikes in Los Angeles, we show you the last curvy roads downhill. Finally, with almost 10,000 km on the speedometer, it's off to the beach in sunny California.

Local circumstances could require adjustment of the route on site.
General Information.
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Rental Motorbike: BMW F750GS UPGRADE rental motorbikes: BMW F850GS: € 700.00 (insurance excess: US$ 3,000.00) BMW R1250GS: € 1,680.00 (insurance excess: US$ 4,000.00) The tour price includes motorbike insurance for damage to the motorbike. This insurance has an excess of usd 3,000. You can reduce this amount by taking out additional insurance. This additional insurance costs 600 usd. This reduces the excess from usd 3,000 to usd 1,250.

In Canada and the USA we visit a lot of national parks. There is simply too much to mention. And not to forget: the driving is simply fantastic and adventurous. We guarantee a 'once-in-a-lifetime' experience! Please note: On about 15% of the route of this tour (= 1,500 kilometres / 930 miles) we will be driving on well-maintained dirt roads. These roads are usually easy to ride on, but it helps if you are (at least) familiar with gravel. For those who don't like gravel, there are paved alternatives in most cases.

  • City of Anchorage AK
    Biggest city in Alaska
  • Denali State Park
    Grizzly bears in rugged untouched nature
  • Yukon
    Famous Canadian territory
  • Klondike
    Old 'Gold Rush' country
  • Aurora Borealis
    Possible to see in this time frame
  • Dawson City
    Wild Wild West
  • Salmon Glacier
    From Canada, to the USA and back to Canada to see this giant glacier
  • Jasper & Banff NP
    2 great Canadian Parks
  • Icefield Parkway
    One of worlds best motorcycle ride
  • Glacier NP
    Glaciers and turquois lakes
  • Continental Divide
    Riding gravel roads in the USA
  • Rocky Mountains
    Criss-crossing almost the entire mountain range
  • Grand Teton NP
    The word “grand” says it all
  • Moab
    Utah´s adventures playground
  • Arches NP
    2500 Arches originated million years ago
  • Capitol Reef NP
    Red Rock Country
  • Bryce Canyon NP
    Weird formed rock formations
  • Zion NP
    Spectacular road through a NP
  • La(r)s Vegas
    Free day to explore one of the most interesting cities on earth
  • Death Valley
    Warm, hot and lowest place in the continent
  • Sequoia NP
    Trees, huge and big
  • City of Los Angeles
    Most famous city on the west coast
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Pricing & Details

Price rider from: € 12.200,-
Price pillion from: € 6.400,-

Single room supplement:  €2.300,-

Pocket money: € 1.950,-*

Minimum number of participants: 8
Maximum number of participants: 12
Maximum number of passengers: 2

Visum / ETA (Exklusiv): ETA USA & ETA Kanada Please check beforehand

* Pocket money: This amount is an indication of how much cash you may need to take with you on this trip. It covers food, drink, souvenirs, optional excursions and fuel.
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Included in price:
  • Transfers Anchorage & Los Angeles airport - hotel and return.
  • Rental motorbike including liability insurance
  • 31 nights hotel accommodation of which half incl. breakfast
  • 2 waterproof side cases
  • Insurance to reduce the excess to US$ 3.000,00
  • Border permits for the rental motorcycle
  • Border permits for the rental motorcycle
  • Multilingual (NL/EN/DE/SP) tour guide on motorcycle**
  • Support car/ luggage transport with driver/mechanic**
  • Touroperator insurance certificate
  • Tour documents

** If there are less than 8 riders, there will only be 1 tour guide on the tour, leading from the support vehicle.

Not included in price:
  • International Flight to / from- Anchorage/ Los Angeles
  • Deposit for the motorbike from : US $ 3000,00 (only credit card payable on spot)
  • Additional motorbike insurance
  • Petrol (we estimate approx. 600 USD)
  • ‍Entrance fees
  • ‍Optional excursions
  • ‍Food and drinks
  • Visa / ESTA (electronic Travel Authorisation) for the USA
  • Visa / ETA (electronic TravelAuthorization) for Canada
  • Overseas health and accident insurance incl. repatriation
  • Travel cancellation insurance

USA & CANADA - THE BEST OF THE WEST - from Alaska to Los Angeles

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USA & CANADA - THE BEST OF THE WEST - from Alaska to Los Angeles
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