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Explore dreamy Caribbean beaches, see endless horizons in the desert, visit the most northern point of South-America, ride unpaved roads through impressive rainforest of the Sierra Nevada. A trip full of sights and experiences far beyond your imagination. This versatile country of enchanting beauty welcomes you with open arms.

The starting point of our motorcycle tour is the small Caribbean coastal town of Santa Marta with its colorful and lively old town. We guide you through the tropical jungle of the Sierra Nevada, to the hidden, historic town of Mompox. Everywhere in the country we experience the impressive warmth and hospitality of Colombian people. Insights into the way of life of the Arahuaco and Wayuu natives provide us with lasting impressions of the country's cultural roots. Imagine riding along the coastline, with scenic changes from the La Guajira desert to the tropical,exuberant jungle vegetation of the Sierra Nevada with its peaks, some of which are 16,400 ft high. We will enjoy the dreamy beaches of the Caribbean, explore the fascinating heartland on winding jungle roads, and experience the desert in a most unique way. 

Now is a good time to start exploring and be among the first to experience this unspoiled welcoming country. This tour can be extended with a visit to Bogotá and the Tayrona National Park.

Get ready for an amazing adventure in Colombia!

Travel information

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Zusammenfassung der Reise
Summary of the tour
  1. Arrival Santa Marta
  2. Santa Marta → Minca (60 km / 37 miles)
  3. Minca→ Fundación (120 km / 75 miles)
  4. Fundación→ Mompóx (200 km / 125 miles)
  5. Mompóx → Day of rest or halfday tour
  6. Mompóx→ Pueblo Bello (245 km / 152 miles)
  7. Pueblo Bello → 4 X 4 tour
  8. Pueblo Bello → Riohacha (225 km / 140 miles)
  9. Riohacha→ Cabo de la Vela (165 / 103 miles km)
  10. Cabo de la Vela → Punta Gallinas (60 km /37 miles)
  11. Cabo de la Vela → Palomino (250 km / 155 miles)
  12. Palomino→ Santa Marta (80 km / 50 miles)
  13. Santa Marta → Departure

Optional Extension

  1. Arrival→ Bogotá
  2. Bogotá→ Citytour
  3. Bogotá → Santa Marta
  4. Santa Marta → Tayrona National Park*

*Please note that Tayrona NP is normally closed during the month of February

This tour from day to day

Arrival in Santa Marta and transfer to the hotel in Santa Marta (approx. 30 minutes drive). Santa Marta is located directly on the Caribbean Sea and, along with Cartagena, is one of the most important destinations for visitors to the Colombian Caribbean coast.There is a wide range of activities here. 

Day 2: Santa Marta - Minca

After a relaxed start of the day with a typical local breakfast, the motorbikes are handed over to us. We drive to Minca, a nearby small town famous for its organic coffee growing. Here we escape the heat of the city and go on an off-road tour through the tropical forests. We visit a coffee finca (plantation) with a brewery. Here we can see in an authentic environment how coffee beans are planted, harvested, processed and prepared for export. We stay in a hotel with a wonderful view of the plantation in the jungle and dozens of hummingbirds fluttering around. 

Day 3: Minca - Fundación

We leave Minca and ride along the main road for a short while before we take a beautiful winding unpaved road which will lead us way up to the charming coffee villages of San Pedro and San Javier, two charming places completely off the beaten track. The sights will surpass your imagination. We will have an authentic lunch up in the lush, green hills together with local farmers. Then we find our way back into the valley and in the late afternoon we will reach Aracataca, birthplace of the famous author Gabriel Garcia Márquez. We spend the night in nearby Fundación. 

Day 4: Fundación - Mompox

We start our day from Fundación, and after a short distance on a paved road we soon follow the beautiful hot and dusty roads through rural Colombia.These roads will lead us to Rio Magdalena, Colombia's main river. We will cross the Rio Magdalena in small canoes, and ultimately we reach the beautiful town named Mompox. Mompox could be described as the precious little sister of Cartagena. From the rooftop of our hotel we will have wonderful views over the landscape and the village. 

Day 5: Mompox - Rest Day

The colonial city of Mompóx lies outside the standard beaten tourist paths and is simply beautiful and deserves further exploration. Strolling through the colonial heart of the city feels like a trip back in time. Immerse yourself and you'll feel as if you play a role in a García Marquez novel. During the day we make a few off-road trips to the backcountry and learn how people live on the Magdalena river. You could visit the famous silversmiths or the farmer's market before arriving at the dock by the end of the afternoon, to take a small boattour with an ice-cold drink and float off into the sunset. 


Today is going to be a hot day, and the scenery today will make you wonder if you're in a stagecoach-type western movie of the 50's. Dusty scenery flickers before our eyes. Then, an exciting river crossing awaits us in the "Johnson", a typical steel canoe, which will start our tour of the day. A large part of riding today is on good tar roads. In places like Arjona we enjoy shade and cool fruit shakes after long gravel stretches. We will end our day in Pueblo Bello, a tranquil authentic village, which is surrounded by native American settlements. Proud Arhuaco people shape the surroundings and give us a foretaste of the day ahead. We stay in the only hotel in the centre of the village.


Along, steep and rocky path takes us in a 4x4 on an exciting journey through time to Nabusimake. This village is the spiritual center of the Arhuaco natives and takes visitors into pre-Columbian times and into a completely different world. We learn about the culture of the Arhuacos, their worldview and their life in harmony with nature. Spectacular views of virgin nature are guaranteed part of this. We stay one more night in Pueblo Bello to enjoy the peaceful village life.


We leave Pueblo Bello via the city of Valledupar and get to to San Juan del Cesar. We are now in the land of cattle and cowboys as well as at the place of origin of "Vallenato", folk music of Colombians dominated by the accordion. We ride through the backlands on an interesting and varied off-road stretch. Even locals barely know this route. Our goal is to reach Riohacha, the gateway to the “LaGuajira” desert region. Here we can once again enjoy the luxury of running water, air conditioning and culinary variety before we head into the desert the next day. On the streets you meet the Wayuu natives, who offer their typical bags and other handmade crafts and artifacts that shine in all colors.


On our way to the desert! A tarred road leads us to Uribia, this is where we fill-up the gastanks to the brim, then we'll ride on a dusty slope to Cabo de la Vela. With a little luck, we can even see the 3000ft -long train from the Cerrejón coal mine, because the railroad tracks run right next to us for a while. Before we get bored on the straight stretch, we take a turn and ride through cactus alleys, salt lakes and sandy passages to our destination Cabo dela Vela. Here we  can swim in the ocean, kite surf, or just relax in a hammock. The fish for the evening meal is freshly caught and prepared on an open wood fire. The accommodation here is simple and clean, and it is right on the ocean, where we will be able to gaze at at housand stars.


Another highlight awaits us today as we drive with our motorcycles through the desert and finally reach the northernmost point of South America - Punta Gallinas. We'll ride on both sandy and rocky passages, most of which are easy stretches. Wayuu natives who live in small huts and nowadays earn their living with handicrafts, offer colorful"mochilas" by the roadside. Here they are guaranteed handmade, cheap and local! The transition from desert to Caribbean beach and deep blue water is unique and fascinating - a landscape of wonderful attraction. After we reach the Cape and have lunch there, we head back to our accommodation in Cabo de la Vela.


We head towards Manaure, where we marvel at the shimmering pink salt lakes and get a bit of insight into the hard work of salt extraction. A long off-road route then leads us back to Riohacha. We drive past the Los Flamencos nature reserve. With small detours to the left and right of the route we finally reach Palomino. The best way to end the day in Palomino is on the palm-fringed sandy beach. A true pampering program after our barren desert adventures.


In the morning we can still enjoy the pristine Caribbean beauty before heading towards Santa Marta. On a beautiful coastal path we emerse in fantastic views of the lush, green, fertile mountains of the Sierra Nevada on one side, and the stunning bays of the Caribbean Sea on the other. Around noon we arrive in Santa Marta, where we could get some souvenirs from the crowded market in the heart of the city.


You will be taken to the airport in Santa Marta with unforgettable experiences and memories in your backpocket. It will be difficult to say goodbye to this wonderful country and its people.

Änderungen der Route kann an die jeweils aktuellen Gegebenheiten vor Ort angepasst werden
General Information.
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During this trip we ride on local AKT 200cc bikes - Made in Colombia.


During our trip through Colombia we ride on a wide range of road surfaces, under various circumstances. Sometimes we ride over good tar roads, over sand or over rocky roads. We don't remain on high altitudes. Some days we cover more miles than other days, but there is always enough time and opportunity to stop on the way, take pictures,visit villages or rest.


About half of the route takes place on unpaved roads. Due to the drought in this region, some passages can be a bit sandy and dusty. Off-road experience with loose surfaces is therefore recommended. We advise to take offroad basic training classes as preparation for this trip. In doing so,you learn how best to handle the motorcycle off-road. It will also increase your riding pleasure. The motorcycles are light and handy dual-sport bikes,perfect for a combination of paved and unpaved routes.


There is a tropical climate on the Caribbean coast but the overall weather is much drier than in other parts of Colombia. - Extreme dry seasons and high temperatures can be found especially on the Guajira peninsula. Due to the fact that it belongs to the tropical climate zone ,precipitation can occasionally occur, but is mostly very rare and when only very briefly. The actual dry season is in January, February and March, where there is no rain expected. In recent years, due to the climate-change, it was also largely free of precipitation in November and December. High temperatures can be found especially in the north and move around the whole year, both in the dry and rainy seasons, at an average of around 30° Celsius(86F). This should definitely be considered when choosing clothing.


A helmet is mandatory, as well as protective clothing, gloves and boots or sturdy shoes. Because of the warm temperatures in the north(+ 30° C) it is advisable to wear breathable protective clothing. Ensure adequate ventilation for jackets and pants. We recommend an open dual-sporthelmet with protective glasses that locks out the dust. Furthermore,do yourself a favor with a pair of good sunglasses. Cold weather is not to be expected, and rain only in exceptional cases. Instead of rain protection, it is advisable to take a camelbag or other drinking system with you. Sufficient fluid is extremely important


For Colombia you need your valid driver's license together with a valid international driver's license and a valid passport (with a minimum 6 months validity). You are responsible to find out VISA requirements specifically belonging to the passport you hold. You can verify up to date information from your local embassy, or consulate in your country of citizenship or find this information online for example via https://visacentral.com/

Consult with your travel doctor for up to date medical travel information well before departure. It is your responsibility to make sure that you obtain your visa and have immunizations completed in time. 

For non- USA-passport holders, a U.S. travel authorization called ESTA is required for a transit flight across the United States. More information at https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/.


The motorbike come with a standard liability insurance. This insurance covers physical damage to third parties. Material damage to third parties is not insured. Damage to the motorcycle is not covered by the basic insurance. You are liable for costs of damage to the motorcycle caused by yourself.​

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Pricing & Details

Rider starting at: € 2800,-
Pillion: €2500,-

Single room occupancy additional charge: € 310,-‍

Pocket money to bring with you: € 300,-*

Optional extension: € 250,-

Single room occupancy additional charge € 95,- incl. 3B&B and Airport transfers in Colombia.

Minimum number of riding participants: 6
Maximum number of riding participants: 8
Maximum number of pillion riders: 2

* Pocket money: This amount is an indication of how much cash you may need to take with you on this trip. It covers food, drink,souvenirs, optional excursions and fuel.

* Taschengeld: Dieser Betrag ist ein Hinweis, wie viel Geld Du für diese Reise benötigst. Es enthält Essen, Trinken, Souvenirs, optionale Ausflüge und Benzin.
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Included in price:
  • Airport Transfers Santa Marta
  • All hotel nights, in Pueblo Bello and Cabo de Vela there is only a simple Hotel
  • 9x Breakfast
  • Motorcycle rental
  • Multilingual (English, German, Spanish) tour guide on motorcycle
  • Support vehicle and luggage transport
  • Mechanic service
Not included in price:
  • International and national flights
  • Visas (if required)
  • Fuel
  • Entry fees
  • Optional excursions
  • All other Food and Beverages
  • Travel Insurance

Colombia - Caribbean & Desert

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Colombia - Caribbean & Desert
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